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Real Estate Investment

Oregon and Califonria, USA.

Hard money lending.

Buying, managing and selling our own propety portfolio.

Our success is based on over 35 years of investment experience.  

We are no longer taking property purchase, sales or management clients.

We do provide hard money lending services.

"When it comes to knowing everything about real estate investment it's Ms Dy. It's rare to meet anyone who can answer every question I had without 'getting back to me' and who also raised issues I have never considered. "

Linda J

"I had a great experience with Dy Associates, and am now moving forward in my real estate and property building goals."

Malinda T

" Lani and her team are the best. Not only did they take care of everything in what was a complicated process, they helped me find finance and I'm now a real estate investor.  I couldn't have done it without them"

Scott T

About Us

Founded in 2002, Dy Associates was a sucessful real estate brokerage, providing clients with insightful guidance and professional services from decades of personal real estate investment experience. 


We no longer operate as a brokerage, as we focus on our own portfolio and hard money lending.

Lani Dy - Investor and entrepreneur

Founding Board Member of the Bay Commercial Bank, advisor to the MVP Performance Institute and serves on the Board of TAU House at the University of California, Berkeley.

A top producing agent and broker with over 25 years licenced real estate experience, Lani developed into a notable commercial and residential real estate investor. She also consults to professionals and companies in property acquisitions and sales.


She's creative, proactive, moves fast and has proven herself through market upturns and downturns. Before diversifying her portfolio, Lani was the 2nd largest property owner in the Oakland 'Pill Hill' medical area.


George Dy Jr - Investor and developer

George Jr graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy. Before graduating, he managed a 49 apartment complex and co-founded 'Startups at Berkeley' (ST@B), a club aimed at connecting students to the greater entrepreneurial environment in the Bay Area.

With a focus on technology and social media marketing, George founded Square-2-Technologies, consulting to companies including Hookupfeed, Weatherista and Post+Beam. George is also a founding partner of the startups and Propeller Labs.  George is an active investor and manager of the Bay area propeties.

Nick Watchorn - Investor

Investing in both commercial and residential property, Nick also coordinates property improvement and marketing.  Nick purchased his first property at 21 and has interests in a variety of commercial and residential properties in California and Oregon. 


Nick also has decades of experience in property investment and risk management.


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